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Defining Excessive Daytime Sleep

Normally, people sleep during evenings, just when their bodies are tired, their minds are exhausted and their work or schooling are over. On the other hand, some people, because of their work shifts or habits, tend to sleep during the day. The latter practices, by themselves already causing considerable changes on human bodies, are still distinct from what doctors call excessive daytime sleep. Medical experts say this condition appears as a symptom of various diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, epilepsy and peripheral neuropathy.

As a medical condition, excessive daytime sleep (EDS) is manifested by continued drowsiness by a person and his proneness to fall asleep in inappropriate circumstances and situations, as pointed out by Cephalon. At a clinical level, mentioned in 2008 by Factor and Steiner, the condition is manifested by excessive sleep in the day by patients; in the evening, they stay awake.

From a far more technical perspective, this condition is considered to be one of the most common neurological conditions being encountered by specialists, according to Guilleminault and Brooks (2001). As these two authors add, the condition drastically affects ones ability to concentrate with school or office work, hampers one from memorizing data and even can lead to problems among persons in handling ones mood. In a more recent study by Pagel in 2009, it is shown that two out of every ten Americans have this condition. Pagel also adds that EDS is most common among teenagers, shift workers, and older people. Excessive daytime sleep can be hazardous, especially for those who drive for a living; as a 2000 study quoted by Guilleminault and Brools shows, two out of ten drivers asked had slept at least twice while driving. The authors also add that In 2000, it had been reported that 50,000 motor accidents had occurred due to drivers dozing off while on the wheel.

But what causes this condition?

Pagel says that EDS is caused by narcolepsy, sleep-related breathing disorders, use of drugs, depression and even stroke. Meanwhile, Cephalon points out that EDS is caused by sleep wake dysregulation, circadian misalignment, Parkinsons, or multiple sclerosis. These conditions, Cephalon points out, triggers changes in the body clock or the bodily process in general.

Therefore, how do people treat excessive daytime sleep? For one they can take in Modafinil (Provigil), Pagel says. Drs. Valentino and Schaefer say this drug has been proven effective for EDS and related disorders.

Ambivalence Towards Ambien

Ambivalence Towards Ambien

If you have problems sleeping at night, it is possible that some of the chemicals situated in the brain area have become generally unbalanced. This can result in the development of insomnia, a common sleeping disorder. When this is the case, doctors usually prescribe any number of medications like Ambien in order to effectively treat the disorder.

Ambien has long been used in the medical world as a means of combating insomnia. It presently comes in an extended-release type which is composed of two different but complementing components. The first aims to help you get into the sleeping mode via its quick dissolution formulation. Meanwhile, the second component dissolves a lot slower as this is intended to keep you asleep for the rest of the night.

Despite being widely-used, Ambien is often prescribed only as a short-term solution for sleeping disorders like insomnia. This is largely because of growing evidences that this particular medication can become habit-forming in the long run. As such, if Ambien has been prescribed to one person, it is important that he or she does not willingly share this with others, especially those who are either known to be drug dependents or have previously abused illegal drugs.

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions are also known to take place in some people who have opted to make use of Ambien. Commonly, these people can find their throat, tongue, or lips swollen, although it is not uncommon to find the entire facial area actually swelling. In some cases, breathing difficulties can also be experienced. Either way, when any or all of these adverse reactions to the ingestion of Ambien takes place, the most logical solution is to refrain from taking the drug and seek immediate medical assistance.

On the other hand, for those who find Ambien to be generally effective, there is the possibility that they will still end up feeling sleepy the following morning even as they were able to get needed amount of sleep the night before. In order to shake this off, relaxing for a few more hours is recommended. In this regard, it is best to keep away temporarily from activities that require an alert mind. These can include driving a car and operating heavy machineries.

Ambien and lactose

Some Ambien tablets are also known to contain lactose. Thus, if you are lactose-intolerant, you may have problems taking this particular medication. Other than that, regular Ambien users complain of not having any memory of what they just recently did even if this was fairly simple like making a phone call. If you ever get to experience any of these difficulties, consult your doctor about the possibility of using other medications for your sleeping disorder.

Rigs on Ambien and the Most Common Sleeping Disorders

Rigs on Ambien and the Most Common Sleeping Disorders

Whatever sleep disorder you’re experiencing as of this moment, one thing remains certainant that is the pain and emotional stress it’s causing you. Sleep disorder, unlike colds, don’t just go away quickly. Sure, you can take medications, therapies and other self-help treatments but it doesn’t add much help in making the disorder disappear permanently.

When you’re diagnosed with a sleeping disorder, the first step the doctor would usually advise you to do is to acquire more knowledge on the type of sleep disorder you’re experiencing. This is crucial, as the more information you have, the better you’re going to combat and prevent the problem from escalating any further. To give you a heads up, here are the most common type of sleep disorder:

Insomnia Studies suggests that insomnia is one of the most prominent type of sleep disorder often experienced by 40% of the adult population. It’s characterized as the inability of the person to get the right amount of sleep needed to feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. People who are so much prone to stress, suffering from depression, anxiety and those with underlying health condition are likely to incur insomnia.

Sleep Apnea According to research, 50% of sleep apnea cases are acquired by people at the age of 40 and above. When you suffer from sleep apnea, chances are that, your breathing temporarily stops during regular sleep hours due to blockage of the airways. The sensation will interrupt your sleep almost every time, leading to various rude awakenings. A person may even feel irate and groggy every morning due to lack of adequate sleep.

Narcolepsy This sleep disorder affects men greatly than women. Narcolepsy often involves uncontrollable and excessive daytime sleepiness, which can cause a lot of emotional, physical and psychological stress if not treated promptly. It’s a dangerous form of sleep disorder, as the person can have ‘sleep attacks’ while driving, talking or even while working.

Jet Lag Although this isn’t severe compared to other sleep disorders, jet lag can cause a person to experience intense fatigue, stomach defects, headache, daytime sleepiness that can affect the overall circadian rhythm. The symptoms usually occur within a day or two after the person has traveled in as much as two or more timezones.


What most medical practitioners recommend for people suffering from any type of sleep disorder is the ingestion of sleeping pillsone of the most popular is Ambien. The pill is considered to be a natural sedative or what some people like to call ‘hypnotic’ approach. It functions by affecting or altering the chemicals or other components in the brain causing the person to sleep and relax in a normal rhythm.

Although, you have to keep in mind that Ambien pill isn’t for everyone. If ingested without the doctor’s prescription, it can cause severe allergic reaction or complications in the body. People who are pregnant, suffering from substance or alcohol abuse, liver, kidney and respiratory problems should consult their doctor first, as well as those with sleep apnea, depression.

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